Keeping a Developer Engaged with a Project

Developers like any of us can get bored of the same old app development day in and day out. Correctly incentivizing them can keep them engaged. 

Run a Correct Development Schedule

There’s a reason systems like AGILE development have become mainstream. Yes they help reduce bugs and issues that could otherwise leak into production systems. But through the iterative process of developing and then testing/feedback it can actually break up the work load. It makes it easier for us to stomach web development or maintenance is all we ever do. It’s like breaking a long never ending task into easy byte size pieces (what’s up with that pun :p).

Help Employees Achieve Their Goals

Companies don’t do this enough. Especially when a company is contracting a task or project to someone else I guarantee they do not really evaluate what that person’s goals are. This could be earning more money (especially if they’re a freelancer), getting a piece of equity in a startup, or seeing something they built used by millions. There are a million other reasons why, but the only way to know for sure why they were interested in you’re company is to ask them. Help them achieve their goals!

Your Team is Only as Good as it’s Weakest Link

As a founder it is very difficult to get someone to spend countless hours on your vision — it is even more difficult when they have a smaller piece of the pie and they see you working less than they are. A lot of founders make the mistake of marketing less during the initial development, thinking their business role doesn’t start till there is a tangible product.
This is completely wrong. Marketing, Business Development, and Product Development should all be done in parallel. You cannot expect your development team to be motivated if they see you sitting on your ass or better yet not even showing up because you have other priorities.
Treat Yo’ Developers

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