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How Does Machine Learning Apply to My Business?

By Tim Rocke, Marketing Manager at Logojoy

Machine learning.

For the average North American, this phrase evokes thoughts of hyper-futuristic, human-like robots carrying out tasks to replace people in everyday society. But very few of us without technical degrees can explain what machine learning actually is. A Google search wont be of much use either; most of these results consist of highly-technical pieces discussing complex algorithms that many of us could not even begin to understand. And although it is true – machine learning does help technology replace some human effort – we will demystify what the term really means, and what this means for you as an entrepreneur.

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Technical Documentation for Web and Mobile Apps

When you’re working on a new project it can be so exciting that you skip technical documentation and jump right into development. This creates tons of headaches down the road with managing a developer, meeting spec requirements, or just having a successful launch. Through this blog I hope to give a brief overview of things to think about when drafting the first version of the technical documentation. Continue reading