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Understanding Debt Financing For Startups

Most entrepreneurs view equity financing as the best and most common form of raising money for their startup. Equity financing involves the typical pitching to investors and venture capital firms to raise money in exchange for equity in your company – the stuff you frequently see on TV and read about online. However, that’s not the only way to raise money for your company. In fact, in many cases it’s not even the smartest route to take. Continue reading


Why Millennials Need to Toss Their Business Cards and Download Contap

Millennials are more engaged in the digital world than other generations. Where business cards may be the first step in exchanging information, today’s digital world offers many opportunities to develop a dialogue with your network in ways that are innate to this tech-savvy generation. LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and job hunting, while Twitter is the perfect vehicle for driving your contacts to locations where you can showcase your thought leadership. Continue reading


Tricks of the (Mid)Trade

By Ben Harris

In the fall of his junior year at the United States Naval Academy, Andy Bonn stared at the snowboard sitting in his dorm. Looking to sell it, he counted his limited options.

Craigslist, the Internet’s premier classified advertising site, wouldn’t work; students at the service academy aren’t allowed off campus during the week, and only upperclassmen are allowed cars. Continue reading


Wearing the Bay, and Wearing it Proudly

By Ben Harris

The Brooks Brothers lifted their famous sheep-suspended-in-a-ribbon logo from a 15th century knighthood.

Lacoste products are emblazoned with a crocodile after French tennis superstar Rene Lacoste wagered a crocodile-skin suitcase on a 1925 Davis Cup match.

Vineyard Vines’ logo is such because a carved wooden whale hung above the founding brothers’ childhood front door. Continue reading


Mobile Repairs On-The-Go

By Ben Harris

Recent studies estimate 2.6 billion people currently use smartphones, and that number is expected to jump to over six billion by 2020. We live in a world of shattered screens and batteries that turn off like clockwork at 10 percent.

A 2012 study revealed that iPhone repairs totaled roughly $6 billion in the phone’s first six years of existence. For those with a broken home button or in need of a new screen, chances are you’ve begrudgingly blocked off a few hours of your afternoon to visit your local Apple store and tell them your sob story. Continue reading


inPin: Google Maps for Indoors

By Tyler Denk

In early April of 2015, Zachary Fishbein, a University of Maryland senior, had an idea for a mobile application. “When you are in a large building, it can be difficult to find someone in a crowded space. I wanted to create an app that would allow someone to share their exact location on an interactive floor map with friends via text or social media,” says Fishbein. Continue reading