Let Your Customers Call You with A Click – Using Callingly

In this day and age, every business is looking for a competitive edge – and many of them are turning to customer service as a potential mechanism to stand out from the pack. And not just customer service after the sale, but making a personal connection with the customer before, during and after the transaction.

Most people agree that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing strategy. I would argue that most word of mouth recommendations I provide are based on customer service. For example, when I purchase protein powder from bodybuilding.com, I receive support every step of the way until the product shows up at my doorstep (usually very quickly). I’ve called their support line before and received overwhelmingly tremendous support without waiting more than a minute. For these reasons, I highly recommend bodybuilding.com to others.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, Twitter makes it nearly impossible to connect with them for assistance. They do not have an email or phone number listed on their site. I filed a support ticket, only to receive an email that they could not assist me, and that I could not respond to the email. Their support is awful, and creates a very distasteful and helpless experience when dealing with their product.

Point being – customer service is incredibly important. That’s why Callingly is changing the game for businesses around the world. Callingly provides free, private call pages that let your customers call you with a click from their computer. It’s perfect for businesses and professionals that want more phone calls from their website, emails, social media, and anywhere online.

Callingly was created by Leon Klepfish, a software developer who has self-funded himself through college and grad school by building startups. Callingly is something that Klepfish wanted as a customer for himself. He wanted the ability to talk to a human being and have his questions answered, rather than sending an email to a support line and waiting several days for a response.

“It allows you to easily add in that personal touch that is so important to making a sale,” says Klepfish.

Callingly provides a voice connection directly from your customers online to your personal or business phone (something no other company provides right now). It’s as simple as entering your phone number, then receiving a link that you can add to your website or social media pages. Customers can then click that link to connect to the phone number you provided, all through their web browser and entirely for free! 


You can even control who can call you and when – so people can only get in touch with you during the hours that you’re free to take calls – otherwise they’ll just be sent to voicemail. 

Aside from the fact that no other company does what Callingly does, there are some pretty sweet features included with your free call page. You can embed your Callingly button directly into your website, post it on social media accounts, receive calls from anywhere in the world for free, record every phone call you get and see which marketing campaigns are driving each call.

“I want to empower the mom selling her handmade jewelry on Etsy to talk to her customer in New Zealand and build that personal connection, globally.” 

Making a lasting impression with your customers has never been easier. If you’re looking to seamlessly connect with your customers, get started for free here.

By Tyler Denk

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