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How to Find a Technical Co Founder on the Internet

I’ve been lucky enough to personally work with 130+ early stage startups over the past two years. A lot of these are young adults looking for a technical co-founder and others are seasoned entrepreneurs looking for a new software developer. Through the observations of these companies I have come up with some observations on how to find a co-founder online. This is not supposed to be taken as fact. But I’m sure when you read these observations it will become pretty clear that they work. Continue reading


Non Technical Entrepreneurs Steps to Development

Every entrepreneurship event I attend I meet a handful of non-technical entrepreneurs who want technical teammates. But those entrepreneurs don’t have the slightest clue what they’re looking for in a developer or the specs of their project. Hopefully I can teach all you non-technical founders a few key words and steps to take that will help you get to the next step. One step closer: from idea to full-scale application. Continue reading


6 Awesome Hacks from Hack The Valley

I spend my weekends traveling to various events hustling the VentureStorm platform and growing the community. This weekend we went north of the border to the University of Toronto Scarborough to sponsor their hackathon, Hack the Valley. My team and I ran the team formation process, because we’re pros at connecting people ;), and met a ton of hackers creating some amazing technology! Throughout the night we spoke to a ton of teams, and here are the six that we enjoyed the most! Continue reading


Technical Documentation for Web and Mobile Apps

When you’re working on a new project it can be so exciting that you skip technical documentation and jump right into development. This creates tons of headaches down the road with managing a developer, meeting spec requirements, or just having a successful launch. Through this blog I hope to give a brief overview of things to think about when drafting the first version of the technical documentation. Continue reading


VentureStorm Escrow Service

VentureStorm Escrow

We just released VentureStorm 3.0, and with it come some huge changes! We switched our payment processor to Braintree, added escrow services, and updated the project process. Now these changes might not sound like they’re relevant to your account, but I can guarantee they’re all relative to both entrepreneurs and developers (and can significantly boost your experience using VentureStorm). Continue reading


Necessary Steps to Build a Minimum Viable Product


Every amazing product starts with amazing research and development before it’s perfected – the same is true with a minimum viable product. Now, your MVP shouldn’t be the perfect product because, if it’s perfect, you probably spent too much time developing and customers could ultimately hate it. The goal of a minimal viable product is to be able to answer the most basic hypothesis you have about your product: “Is this something your target customers will use?” and “Will they pay for it?” Continue reading


Why You Need a Minimum Viable Product Before Devleopment

By Tommy Johnson

There are plenty of things entrepreneurs need to do before jumping into development – it all starts with a great Minimum Viable Product. A minimum viable product is key when creating a tech startup. Hundreds of entrepreneurs come to VentureStorm with an idea, claiming they need a software developer to bring it to life, but when my team and I ask about their product they freeze. New entrepreneurs get stuck in a loop of finding a pain point, generating an idea, and then attempting to build a product immediately. Our next few posts will discuss the need for an MVP and how to get started. Continue reading

4 Resources Every New Entrepreneur Needs


By Tommy Johnson

This was written after consulting with multiple friends and colleagues to help them successfully startup with minimal entrepreneur resources. I hope it offers you the benefits they received; and if you really like it, share it with others so they have the resources they need!

There is an abundance of entrepreneur resources available, you just need to know where to look and which to use. Listening to great podcasts and reading informative books can easily expand your knowledge and experiences outside of your day-to-day life. Feel free to reach out to me with questions about additional topics at the email below. Continue reading