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How Does Machine Learning Apply to My Business?

By Tim Rocke, Marketing Manager at Logojoy

Machine learning.

For the average North American, this phrase evokes thoughts of hyper-futuristic, human-like robots carrying out tasks to replace people in everyday society. But very few of us without technical degrees can explain what machine learning actually is. A Google search wont be of much use either; most of these results consist of highly-technical pieces discussing complex algorithms that many of us could not even begin to understand. And although it is true – machine learning does help technology replace some human effort – we will demystify what the term really means, and what this means for you as an entrepreneur.

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Issues Hiring Minimum Viable Product Freelancer

The freelance and gig economies are upon us as more and more of our workforce choose to work as an individual rather than stick it out in their 9-5. When it comes to software development, hiring a freelancer can help cut costs, but there are times when it is beneficial and others when it can be a hindrance. We take a dive into hiring a minimum viable product freelancer. As a budding entrepreneur, it is important to understand who to hire, how to hire, and when to hire.

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