How Does Machine Learning Apply to My Business?

By Tim Rocke, Marketing Manager at Logojoy

Machine learning.

For the average North American, this phrase evokes thoughts of hyper-futuristic, human-like robots carrying out tasks to replace people in everyday society. But very few of us without technical degrees can explain what machine learning actually is. A Google search wont be of much use either; most of these results consist of highly-technical pieces discussing complex algorithms that many of us could not even begin to understand. And although it is true – machine learning does help technology replace some human effort – we will demystify what the term really means, and what this means for you as an entrepreneur.

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The Key To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

No, this isn’t clickbait to sell you on some ‘how to get rich quick’ book, nor is it some hidden secret to success. Through my experiences running VentureStorm the past two years, I have encountered hundreds (if not thousands) of entrepreneurs from around the world – some extremely successful, others not so much. I have also taken notice of the actions and sacrifices my team and I take on a day-to-day basis to continue to grow the company. Through this journey, I have developed a theory in what I believe to be is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. Continue reading


How To Successfully Launch Your Product

In this day and age, I consider a website or mobile application to fall under the product category. That being said, launching your product into the world is an unbelievably exciting moment. It’s something that TV shows such as Silicon Valley portray as a bunch of guys in t-shirts huddled around a single computer, they press a button, and boom- thousands of visitors are flocking their site. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case; however, I’ve compiled a list of things you could do so your product launch doesn’t go unnoticed. Continue reading


Understanding Debt Financing For Startups

Most entrepreneurs view equity financing as the best and most common form of raising money for their startup. Equity financing involves the typical pitching to investors and venture capital firms to raise money in exchange for equity in your company – the stuff you frequently see on TV and read about online. However, that’s not the only way to raise money for your company. In fact, in many cases it’s not even the smartest route to take. Continue reading

tools to onboard a developer

Tools to Onboard A Developer

Entrepreneurs and startups are constantly looking for talented developers to grow their team (that’s why we built VentureStorm :)). But finding the right developer is just the start.

You’ve been grinding on your startup full-speed ahead for a while now. You know the ins and outs of your product, and you need to get this newcomer caught up to speed with everything. Luckily there are plenty of tools available to ease the transition. Continue reading